H.M. BaileyPreschool

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Preschool family
Room 30 kids and their robot creations
Room 27 teachers
Working on our garden
Working on our garden
Taking care of our garden!
Worm and snail race!
Learning in preschool
All smiles!
Making our own instruments
Focused in preschool!
Busy in Preschool!
room 30 staring in awe at the making of green eggs and ham.
How to make green eggs and ham
Eeek! Green eggs and ham!
Trying my green eggs and ham!
Dr. Seuss week!
I can count!
Rainy day!
Ready for the rain!
Ready for the rain
Fun in the rain!
Would you like snap peas?
Watering our garden!
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Gardening time!
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Making my sweater with my mom!
We love our parents!
We love our parents!
Making gingerbread houses
Our High School mascot making an appearance
Officer Campa: Drugs are very bad for you!
Navarro Family:Lending a hand during back to school!
Waiting patiently for green eggs and ham!
Green eggs and ham? Thumbs up!
Let's crack our eggs and make something yummy!
Mixing my green eggs!
Teacher Luis interacting with preschooler
Bailey Preschool Office

Bailey Preschool Office

Bailey Preschool Office
Students watering the  plants!
Bailey Preschool Community Garden 

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We are now offering transportation for our AM and PM Preschool classes.
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